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Planning Appeal London is a planning consultancy with a particular expertise in Planning Appeals

Architectural Services

Our knowledgeable experts can review, advise on, prepare drawings and submit professional plans for planning applications for all forms of household and development projects including extensions, loft conversions, boundary structures, outbuildings and new build dwellings.

Planning and Enforcement Appeals

Our specialism is preparing and submitting planning appeals to the Planning Inspectorate, an independent Government body. We provide a bespoke service understanding each client's unique site architectural plans, local planning authority refusal reasons and client objectives.

About Our Company

Planning Appeal Limited was set up to guide and assist homeowners and small developers

Planning Appeal Limited specialises in Planning Appeal matters. We pride ourselves in offering clients the very best planning appeal advice and representation. We endeavour to present your case in the best light using our expertise and familiarity with the National Planning Policy, Development Plan for the local authority and the Legal Framework. We are knowledgeable, professional and approachable with a commitment to the highest standards of personalised service.

What Our Clients Say

We are passionate about what we do and are driven to achieve the highest standards of customer satisfaction. We will always listen, communicate promptly, be responsive and keep you informed. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure that we have provided you with the quality service that you deserve.

"Dear Mohamed Thank you very much for all your help with this case."

Ms M Golasowska

Certificate of lawfulness Appeal for an outbuilding. Hillingdon

"Dear Mohamed, Thank you very much for your swift preparation of the appeal letter. Both my husband and I read the letter and I am happy with it. I am very happy with all your arguments there and feel a bit more optimistic about wining the appeal. I know also that they don’t usually like to accept that they have made a mistake and may resist to reverse their decision. But whatever they decide, I want you to know I am glad you are representing me."

Dr Motamen-Samadian

Appeal on change of Use from C3 to HMO C4, Barnet

"Mohamed, thank you so much for your help and hard work. I love your positivity, you are amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

James Gibson

Planning and Enforcement Appeal on rear terrace extension and canopy, Barnet

"Very impressive!"

Mr G R Dadabhoy

Architectural plans for new dwelling, Barking and Dagenham

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Planning Appeal London

Planning Application refused? Enforcement Notice served? DON’T LET THE COUNCIL BE A LAW UNTO ITSELF! CHALLENGE BY APPEALING! As Experts in Planning Appeal advice and representation, we can help you overturn the Council’s refusal decision on Planning, Householder, Certificate of Lawful Development, Permitted Development or to fight to quash an Enforcement Notice in LONDON and throughout
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