About Our Company

Planning Appeal Limited was set up to guide and assist householders and small developers/builders aggrieved by the unfair or unreasonable refusal of planning permission by local planning authorities.

Planning Appeal Limited specialises in Planning Appeal matters. We pride ourselves in offering clients the very best planning appeal advice and representation. We endeavour to present your case in the best light using our expertise and familiarity with the National Planning Policy, Development Plan for the local authority and the Legal Framework. We are knowledgeable, professional and approachable with a commitment to the highest standards of personalised service. Our approach is smart and analytical, focused on detail and committed to achieve the desired results. Our pricing is competitive and success incentive based. Your case will be in capable and trustworthy hands. Contact us by calling 07578 325700 or email appeal.london@gmail.com, info@planningappeal.london for a FREE, no obligation consultation.

* Free no-obligation initial consultation to discuss decision and explore Appeal option

* Explore alternative options including revisions and a re-submission to the local authority

* Evidence gathering, preparation of bespoke statement and submission

* Understanding and applying principles of planning law with case precedents

* Dealing with all correspondence and discussions with all relevant authorities

Homeowners and small builders lack the resources and wherewithal to play the planning system to their advantage. Hence they trust that decisions reached by local planning officers are fair, thorough and policy based; however more than often planning officers make wrong decisions either because they are under statutory time pressures, lack wider knowledge of other important and relevant development plan policies or through the failure to take into account other material considerations. This status quo creates a negative feedback loop where bad planning decision making becomes entrenched within the local authority without corrective feedback that comes through the appeals process.

Householders and small builders need not accept a planning refusal decision without considering making an informed appeal. The Government is keen to encourage extensions and new build development to meet the demands of growing families and new households. The bureaucracy and politics at the local level has the effect of unnecessarily frustrating the Government’s intentions thereby destroying peoples’ dreams and aspirations and delaying much needed development and employment creation. This is more so in the new era of Covid-19 and the lockdown where the demands of space at home have increased not only for living and sleeping but also for home working.

The Planning Inspectorate is an independent body working under the command of the Government. Each appeal is to the Secretary of State on whose behalf the independent appointed inspector makes the appeal decision after taking into account all relevant evidence, policies and material considerations. An allowed appeal overturns the local authority’s planning decision with a simultaneous grant of permission and applicants can proceed to realise their dreams by building their home extension, loft conversion, outbuilding or new dwellings.