Our specialism is preparing and submitting planning appeals to the Planning Inspectorate, an independent Government body. We provide a bespoke service understanding each client’s unique site architectural plans, local planning authority refusal reasons and client objectives. We pride ourselves in our forensic attention to detail in order to prepare and present each case with supporting evidence in the best possible light using the language and skills of persuasion backed by supportive planning policies and case law and precedent decisions. We specialise in planning and enforcement appeals for small site new infill dwellings, house extensions, outbuildings, boundary structures and HMO/flat conversions. Our fee structure is honest, market competitive and dependent on success Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.

Planning decision making is not an exact science. It is intrinsically governed by the policy context but inherent subjectivity plays a major role and what may be acceptable to one decision maker may be disagreeable to another! Moreover, local planning officers are constrained under time pressures and operate under a “tick box, computer says no” straitjacket! Their approach sometimes ignores or overlooks other supportive, higher tier policies thereby doing an injustice in their decision making. Winning a planning appeal requires subtle persuasion skills using knowledge and understanding of the unique facts and evidence relevant to each case, determinative policies (local, regional and national), legal framework and case law. But that is not all. Like a jigsaw puzzle, all these facets need to be collated and a forensic statement tailored in a bespoke, coherent and articulate fashion in order to convince the inspector to rule in the Appellant’s favour in the overall planning balance.

Presentation of the merits of the planning case is fundamentally vital and can make a significant difference as to whether an appeal succeeds or not. At planning appeal London, we do not do a copy/paste or conveyor belt type operation. Instead, we cut each master key for each case in order to try and unlock the mind of the planning inspector to convince him or her of how the positives of the proposal outweigh the negatives and highlight policies/aspects/considerations that the local authority officers may not have taken into account. We put our heart and soul into each appeal preparation as if it is our very own. You will find us to be personal, approachable, forensic, efficient, trustworthy and driven for mutual success! We aim to make the process as stress free and straightforward as possible handling all preparation, submission and liaison on your behalf with the Planning Inspectorate and the Local Planning Authority. We normally submit an appeal within 7 days of receiving instructions. If it can be shown that the local authority has behaved unreasonably either at the planning stage or during the appeals process, then a Costs Application can also be made against it. Please contact us with brief details of your refused application or email us a copy of your Enforcement Notice for a FREE no-obligation assessment and competitive quote.